We have gained a wealth of experience from supporting the Energy Sector over the last 53 years. The last decade has seen Boyd Brothers concentrate our civil and electrical expertise in Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure, encompassing EV chargers, PV and Energy Storage with the goal of enabling sustainable transport and active travel.

Having gained extensive experience and knowledge from all our environmentally friendly solutions, we strive to assist the development of an Active Nation. Working alongside Local Authorities, we understand the importance to make our towns and cities more accessible, safer and friendlier environments by delivering infrastructure solutions that work for everyone.

With over 1000 EV projects completed, we are responsible for the design and build of over 80% of Scotland’s Public EV infrastructure. From Dundee’s Internationally recognised award-winning Hub at Princes Street, to a single charger project in the Shetlands. We have the passion and expertise to turn your projects into a reality.

We confidently approach all projects with the professional integrity you would expect from a long-established EV infrastructure specialist. By differentiating the quality and service excellence offered by Boyd Brothers, we are able to develop long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, while helping them deliver their EV infrastructure visions.

Whether you require a new project installation or a refurbishment from one of our environmentally friendly solutions, you can take great comfort that Boyd Brothers have the experience to meet and exceed your project requirements on time and within budget.

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