Energy Storage

The last 10 years has seen Boyd Brothers invest our extensive electrical knowledge in the Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure sector. With over 1,000 EV infrastructure projects under our belt, we are recognised as one of the UK’s leading EV specialists. Managing projects from initial concept and design, through to planning, full construction and ultimate sign off.

With the introduction of larger smart hubs including multiple Hi-power and Rapid chargers, it has become essential to include Energy Storage into large integrated hub designs to meet the increased energy demands from wide ranging project sites, while at the same time supplementing the local grid.

The UK became the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end contribution to global warming by 2050. This has set in place something akin to the industrial revolution and a race to embrace an infrastructure powered by electricity with the removal and our heavy reliance on fossil fuel-based energy.

This brings significant challenges around infrastructure and implementation as the speed of change and the resulting timescale for grid infrastructure upgrades are not aligned. As a result, a whole new industry has evolved and developed on the back of Energy Storage requirements. Numerous projects and solutions are being piloted around the UK, developing innovative Energy Storage technologies to meet the changing demands on electricity as our source power. At the same time Energy Storage is able to supplement the national grid where energy outputs fall short of meeting site specifics and project specifications.




Dundee City Council – UK’s First / Award winning integrated hub (see Dundee City Council – Case Study, for additional information)

In its simplest form, Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at another time. The device which stores energy is generally called an accumulator or battery. Energy storage can be generated directly from mains electricity grid power at off-peak times, resulting in lower costs to store the energy. Energy can also be generated from renewable sources such as Wind and Solar Photovoltaic.

As a result of challenging infrastructures and more projects specifying multiple EV chargers, Energy Storage has become an essential consideration at design stage to meet the infrastructure needs for multiple Hi-power and Rapid EV chargers. As every project and site has its own unique challenges, it is essential infrastructure design is tailored around EV, PV and Energy Storage to accommodate both project specification and site requirements.

Our aim in a challenging environment is to deliver your project on time and in budget while reducing your carbon emissions and providing the highest quality EV infrastructure. In a challenging economic climate, it is critical to provide best value while at the same time offer the capability to future proof your EV infrastructure design. This will help minimise your exposure and give consideration to future technology upgrades, potential charger increase and site expansion, while evaluating a return against initial investment v’s long term investment with future proof savings. Careful thought around your current and future requirements at the design stage can deliver significant long term cost savings to your EV projects.

Dundee’s Award winning and innovative Princes Street integrated Hub design broke the mold and became the first of its kind in the UK. An extremely ambitious EV infrastructure project, it offered the EV equivalent of todays fuel stations. Opened in July 2018 and described at a European EV forum as “A globally significant development in electric vehicle charging“ consisting of multiple EV chargers complemented with solar canopies and battery storage renewables. The site has also been future proofed to allow increased battery storage capacity and more powerful chargers.

It was hailed as a first of its kind in the UK to involve renewable energy optimisation taking EV infrastructures in the UK to the next level. So significant was its design, it has become the benchmark for many large EV infrastructure projects that followed. Boyd Brothers are very proud to have supported Dundee City Council EV vision and played our part in such a groundbreaking design and build (see Projects – Dundee Case Study).

Boyd Brothers work in conjunction with our Energy Storage partners to offer be-spoke infrastructure solutions. It is important at design stage to future proof your project to provide scope for advancements in technology or EV charger upgrades along with the potential to increase or expand your site in the future.

We look forward to discussing your own infrastructure requirements and provide recommendations based on 10 years specialising in the EV Energy sector.

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