East Lothian Council

The Challenge

In 2018, East Lothian Council had only four functioning changepoints. As a result, it was believed that people would not purchase electric vehicles (EV) until the infrastructure was there to support them. “Range-anxiety” (the perception that a driver might run out of fuel far from home) was a common fear among drivers who might be looking to switch. For households without private driveways, there was even less incentive to drive EV. A recent study identified that there were nearly 15,000 such households in East Lothian.

Additionally, longer electric vehicles or those with trailers couldn’t charge at any of the public chargepoints. Further, the local Car Club had been forced to switch from an EV to a conventional vehicle because of difficulties with charging.

The Solution

Over the following two years Boyd Brothers supported East Lothian Council by installing its network of over 80. Now the majority of people in East Lothian now live within a 5-minute drive of a chargepoint.

The network now consists of both ‘Journey’ rapid chargers and ‘Destination’ slower chargers. One of their most recent sites at Wallyford Park & Ride, has also incorporated longer charging bays with High-Power Chargers suitable for heavier vehicles at a key point close to the strategic road network.

The Result

Resident now have access to one of the most complete charging networks in Scotland and levels of use are consistently rising. East Lothian Council is now looking to the opportunities of the future, such as:

  • Delivering on-street chargers that are a short walk for residents without driveways
  • multi-modal chargepoints so that walking, cycling, and public transport are all viable options for residents
  • Bollard mounted chargers along spaces that done need to be for EV alone
  • Slimline chargers for conservation areas or where space is at a premium

Ryan Robertson, East Lothian’s EV Infrastructure Officer, commented that “Boyd Brothers, working for our main contractor Swarco UK Ltd, have provided an efficient and reliable service to get the key nodes of our charging network in place, and I look forward to continuing to work with them and other partners as we roll out more EV chargepoints across the county.”

Thank you to Neil Swanson / EVA Scotland for video footage

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